MortgageMarket exists to empower consumers to make informed decisions about their home loan purchase via a marketplace consisting of the top 7 banks in SA. We are home loan finance experts that have combined proprietary technology to give consumers choice, control, convenience and transparency on their home loan options. Further to this, we reward consumers with guaranteed money of R5,000 for their self-service action.

Buyer education is an important part of our service offering because we know that an informed buyer, increases their chances of turning their property into a valuable asset in the future. We provide all the latest information, trends and wisdom about the home buying journey.

MortgageMarket was founded by a diverse team of seasoned home loan experts and software engineers, so we understand the challenges related to getting a home loan and what tools you need to accomplish it. Our goal is to revolutionize the home loan industry using tech and by putting customers & estate agents at the center of value creation.